Two special operations by the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Afrin

The Media Center of (YPG) published a statement in which the results of military operations were reported during the third week of August:

“During the third week of August, our fighters carried out two separate operations against the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation in the areas of” Mabata” and “Bilbla”, within the framework of the second phase of the resistance of the times.

Those operations are as the following:

On 19/08/2018, our fighters ambushed one of the mercenaries of the Shami Front, “Muhammad Arduan”, on the road leading to the area of Mabata, where he was killed in the operation. And his weapon was taken over.

On 24/08/2018, our fighters ambushed another road on the road to Belbala area, targeting the road barrier officer of Sham Brigade mercenaries, Khalid al-Taher, nicknamed Abu Muhammad al-Shamali. He was killed in the operation and his weapon was also controlled. And the process was documented by the video.

Our fighters who successfully carried out the two operations arrived at their bases safely.

Media Center for People Protection Units



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