Two years after the massacre of Qamishli

Two years ago, on the morning of Wednesday 27/07/2016, Qamishli city was subjected to a horrific massacre targeting its security and civil peace following a terrorist operation carried out by Daesh Which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of civilians between the dead and wounded, was added to the series of terrorist operations against all cities and areas with a Kurdish majority along the Syrian north.

Since its emergence and expansion (Daesh) in Syrian geography, Daesh has always targeted all components of the Syrian society, which have been characterized by its diverse mosaic, in an attempt to destroy the model of peaceful co-existence whose basic structures have been established from the provinces of Rojava (Qamishli, Kubani and Afrin) Through democratic self-administrations, to be spread throughout the northern regions of Syria, liberated by the Syrian Democratic forces from  Daesh during the Syrian war years, without distinction on the basis of race or sect.

The massacre of Qamishli was not the last thread of conspiracy that is still targeting the Syrian social fabric in all its colors, which showed the fingerprints of regional bodies such as Turkey, which have always been the biggest beneficiaries of confusion, panic, chaos and murder, scenes of blood and victims scattered here and there. , Which is usually raised after each terrorist operation, especially in areas with a Kurdish majority, which has always tried repeatedly hit the model of peaceful coexistence that prevails in the cities and regions of northern Syria.

The massacre was not the starting point of the terrorist plots. It was an extension of the massacres committed by Daesh in the Kobani city on June 25, 2015, which resulted in death of more than 600 civilians from Kobani and its countryside, as well as the Persus massacre in the state of Rha on July 20, 2015, which bore the fingerprints of the Turkish intelligence in the hands of Daesh.

Most of the Syrian cities and regions are still reeling under the brunt of terrorism, which is drawing to a close and finally taking its last breath in northern Syria.

Now, two years after the cowardly massacre of the city of love and tolerance, (Qamishli) the Kurdish people prove that they are stronger than all the conspiracies that target them. Their projects are aimed at managing their areas along with all other components of the peoples of northern Syria on the basis of co-existence and brotherhood of peoples.

SDF ,Media Center


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