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Raqqa – “Al-Salhabiya Al-gharbia” village is located west of Raqqa city, 25 kilometers away from it. The village extends 3 km from north to south and is bordered by Al-Salhabiya al -Sharqia village from the east, Hawija Faraj and Al-Balana village to the south, the train line and Najd farm from the west and al-Fayd valley from the north.

This village is characterized by abundant freshwater, and fertility of its territory and its fresh air because the agricultural land surrounded by the four sides in addition its near to the Euphrates River and Lake of al-Huria Dam

This village liberated from the oppression of mercenaries of Daesh on 22/5/2017 after long suffering from the oppression that was inflicted on the village by Daesh. When SDF advanced to the village from al-Rashid village and Al-Andalus, the liberation of the village, and then withdrew after a week during the liberation of Mansoura village.

Ahmed El Hadi, one of the village elders, told us about the village’s situation saying: “After the liberation of the village and the return of the residents, they found that they had been subjected to acts of vandalism and theft by Daesh, the displacement of people about it, during the military operations.

Upon their return, the villagers were formed comins to organize the village, schools were opened and the children returned to their schools. The organizations also entered the village and provided relief and health assistance to the villagers. The water and electricity returned to the village after the repair of the networks, which led to the improvement of its conditions and urban movement to accelerate again after the availability of security and stability in the region after liberation

In addition to the consensus and familiarity of the villagers and most of them from Afdalah and Ajeel tribes and their contribution to the reconstruction of the village,

And the participation of the people of the village to liberate the rest of their areas their city, and areas of Deir Ezzor countryside and the population of the village 9000 people.

SDF,Media Center


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