Drinking water reaches all neighborhoods of Raqqa

Raqqa – Under the guidance of the Civil Council, the Reconstruction Committee is continuing its work in rehabilitating the water lines and connecting them to the city in a healthy and sound manner to ensure that the pure water for the safety of the citizens. After all kinds of pipes and spare parts were available, work became better with alternative to damage.

Director of the Water and Sanitation Project Abdullah Al-Omar told us about the work mechanism of the Reconstruction Committee in Raqqa on the water project. He said that the project was actually started on 2018/6/20 to secure the basic requirements of the project including spare parts and plastic pipes of all sizes and connections and securing sufficient number of workers who are experienced in the extension of water pipes and sufficient vehicles to ensure the cleanliness of the land of mines planted by a terrorist on the roads.

“The water was connected to the main lines and all the neighborhoods of the city on 2018/7/31. Today, the work has begun on repairing the small problems by informing the committee by the people.

Director of the Water and Sanitation Project Abdullah Al-Omar said”: water delivery to the upper floors due to poor water pressure, and he confirmed and said in the coming days it will be increased water pressure to deliver water to the upper floors, when we finish from increasing the pressure, we have finished the last stage and water will be in all Houses of Raqqa.

SDF, Media Center

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