Water shortage .. The biggest concern for the inhabitants of high neighborhoods in Hasakah

Al-Hasakah – Residents of Hasakah, especially those whose homes are located in high neighborhoods such as Nasra and Mufti, suffer from the lack of access to water through regular networks, which are their biggest concerns. Residents of these neighborhoods are forced to collect water by tankers at high prices.

Mohammed al-Abd, a resident of the city, confirmed that the water had not reached them for years, as is the case of many of those whose homes are located in those neighborhoods, adding that he buys water from tanks intended for sale.

To highlight this problem, the Director of the Department of Water Networks in Hasakah Farid Mohammed, who pointed out that drinking water in Hasakah city comes from the station Alok, east of Ras Al-Ain city, which is 76 km away from the city.

He added that the frequent interruption in electricity impedes the delivery of water quickly and in quantities required, as the quantities we receive is not enough for a large city such as Hasakah, saying they are forced to divide the city into four rings, each of which includes a number of neighborhoods, where water is pumped to one ring every day alternately   ,  the water reaches each ring  once every three days.

On the subject of buying water by tank, Mohamed explained that there are high areas that do not reach the water, so we contracted with private tankers to transport water to those areas, so that the barrel is sold for 150 SP, as well as tanks that transport water to the deployed military points.

Mohamed called for the provision of a special electric line to operate the Alok station for a longer period, or to provide generators capable of running pumps to deliver water to areas and high neighborhoods.

SDF, Media Center


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