With simple possibilities … People’s municipality provide services to the people of Kadiran town

People’s municipality in the Kediran town, of Raqqa city, provides its services to the people despite the simple possibilities it possesses and the difficulties it faces

The municipality faces a number of problems, most notably the accumulation of waste. Where odors emanate from waste pools, and the proliferation of disease-carrying insects, especially with high temperatures.

For this purpose, the municipality set up a committee to supervise the removal of waste collection and the allocation of a specific landfill.

In addition, another problem is the rehabilitation of water systems to provide drinking water to some 15,000 residents of the village.

As for the obstacles faced by the administration, the joint head of the People’s Municipality in Kadiran Ibrahim Al-Aboud speaks to us:

The first problem we faced was that the only landfill near the village is for 12 villages, which is a crisis in terms of the accumulation of large concentrations of waste, In the absence of sufficient mechanisms to bury them, which led to the spread of a number of diseases transmitted by insects among the children of the village.

On the problem of drinking water insurance, Aboud pointed out that the main feeding line was broken, which led to water cuts from the village. Where they rented a bulldozer and dug the main feeding line to replace the broken line with 38 kilometers of pipes.

And added: “We had some difficulties securing the pipes. As well as the lack of staff working in the maintenance project of the main supply line for drinking water. But we were able to secure water for all people of village.

SDF. Media Center

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