Women’s House in the Ja’bar village opens kindergarten of “Al-Bara’im””

Tabqa – The Women’s House, in cooperation with Tabqa civil Council, opened on Tuesday the kindergarten of “Bara’im” in the Ja’bar village west of Tabqa city.

The number of children enrolled in kindergarten was 65, aged 49 years.

Children in this kindergarten are divided into two parts according to their language abilities.

The first section includes children between the age of (4-6) years of kindergarten, and they are educated and qualified for the primary stage, where they train on pronunciation and character forms.

The second section includes children between 6-9 years of age who are enrolled in primary school, have some educational capacity,

And based on the results of these tests put a special program to teach them. In this regard, Fatima Al-Ali, member of the House of Women, saying: “This kindergarten is supervised by specialists in the field of children’s education and education, and this is the first initiative to be tested in the countryside of Tabqa by the Civil Administration, provide support for such initiatives to promote society and educational reality after years of disconnection and deprivation. “.

It should be noted that the purpose of opening of Kindergarten is to rehabilitate, educate and prepare children so that they will be able to adapt to the reality of education, which is in the process of rehabilitation after the closure of educational institutions for more than three years during a period Daesh rule.

SDF, Media Center


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