Working on the lighting of Al-huriya   dam by solar energy

Tabqa- Mansoura -After the Dam Administration completed the work on the preparation and maintenance of the dam after being vandalized by Daesh, and started work on rehabilitating the road after the completion of maintenance operations and repair cracks in the structure of the dam and the road between Hammam village and Khediran village.

 The work started by the Early Intervention Team in cooperation with the Dam Administration in the Al-Hurriya dam to light the solar dam. This project comes after the lack of electricity access and operation from the main station of the columns on both sides of the road, where the line was separated by the columns and finally out of service, Solar lighting, and each of the columns will be connected to a solar energy device and light the road and this lighting will remain three days light the road with different weather conditions of clouds or rain and others.

The director of the project of lighting the dam in Early Intervention Team, “Ali Al-Rawi,” noted that work began one-third dam and activate the lighting, the duration of the project sixty days, after the completion of this project, we will light four streets in Raqqa, city and also another project we will be under study now working on the restoration of damaged schools.

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