Youth of Tabqa join to the duty of self-defense

Tabqa – Workers in the Center for Self-Defense in Tabqa region continue to facilitate youth affairs who wish to join the duty of self-defense and are of a certain age or who wish to volunteer in self-defense.

The general manager of the self-defense in Tabqa city, “Hassan Nasr,” assured us that youth accept to join the duty of self-defense after they know it. In the beginning, the turnout of youth in the city and its countryside was low due to their lack of awareness and knowledge of the duty of self-defense.

Nasr noted that the number of notebooks recorded was 2000, and some provisions of the self-defense law were considered. Students studying at universities suspended and those who injured unable to perform the duty of self-defense. anyone who has a shahid brother who is exempt from the duty of self-defense, only person is exempted.

As for volunteering in the duty of self-defense, whether regiment or the local volunteer “Nasr” indicated there is a turnout and most of the staff volunteers, the ages required to join the duty of self-defense are from the age of 1990 to the age of 2000, and the duration of service in the duty of self-defense is 9 months.

SDF, Media Center


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