2 mercenaries killed in a special operation in Afrin

“YPG” Media Center published a written statement on a military operation in Afrin that resulted in the killing of two mercenaries.

This is the text of the statement:

“As part of the second phase of the resistance in the Afrin region, our units continue their series of specific operations against the Turkish state mercenaries and their soldiers in the region

On 9 September, our fighters ambushed a military vehicle carrying two mercenaries of the Sham Corps on the road to the village of Stirk, which is located in Afrin. The machine was destroyed and the mercenaries inside were killed. The AK-47 was seized.

Khalid al-Fayez from Hama and Masoud al-Faris from Idlib. ”

“YPG” Media Center

10 September 2018

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