200 members of Manbij young men begin volunteering for the duty of self-defense

Manbaj- 200 young men from Manbij city and its countryside volunteered for the duty of self-defense, and were received – in an editorial organized for this purpose – to register at the duty of self-defense in Manbij city and its countryside. The opening ceremony was attended by the military and civil institutions and martyrs and volunteers’ families in the city.

In this regard, the “Training Academy in Self-Defense” received training course from the people of Manbij city, and the defense committee and the self-protection center in Manbij and rural areas issued a statement:

“Our young men in Manbij take the initiative of self-defense in the light of the political and military developments in the regional arena in general and the Syrian arena in particular, and successive victories of SDF against terrorism in Deir Al-Zour countryside and the protection of borders.

As stated in the statement: Through our right to legitimate defense of our people and the protection the gains we have made with the blood of our heroic martyrs and the democratic nation, we continue in the Self-Defense Committee to receive honorable youth from all segments and components of the duty of self-defense, with the support the components of Manbij, civil and military institutions. We welcome our people to join hundreds of young people voluntarily to join a military self-defense course to protect our country from any external or internal danger that threatens our people security and our gains.

It is worth mention that the youth’s willingness to volunteer in the duty of self-defense coincided with recent events, failed attempts by the Turkish-supported Euphrates Shield factions, and that the youth are more powerful than ever in protecting their city and cannot be intimidated by the enemy form.

SDF , Media Center


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