A field tour of the bakeries of the western municipality

Hasakah -The Health office of the Western Municipality visited in Hasakah, during a field tour to the private and public bakeries to follow up its work, and cleanliness to ensure the usual weight of bread loaf and the quality of flour and bread and all the mechanisms, make sure the safety measures of employees and workers in it.

During the meeting with the official of the health office in the western municipality, “Safa Hussein ,said: We have a field tour today, as usual on the private and the public bakeries  in the city to ensure the quality of bread and the size of loaf ,water and workers cleanliness and detection of the quality of yeast and work in the bakeries  and violation of bakeries  that violate Agreed standards that have been developed by the Office of Health ,bakeries  section and make sure the standards of cleanliness and safety for employees and workers in the bakeries .

Safa added: “We made sure that the workers get the health card and conduct a comprehensive analysis to ensure their safety. We, as a health office, have a duty to ensure cleanliness, quality and safety so that the citizen can enjoy prosperity and be an example to be followed in the supervision.

SDF ,Media Center


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