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A Fighter from my country

The fighter “Aziz Ali Esso” one of the sons of Hasakah city since the beginning of the Syrian revolution joined to the units of protection of the people and participated in the battles of Tel Hamis, Tel Barak and Tal Tamer and Hasakah and participated under the banner of SDF in the battles of liberation whole of Raqqa and the battle of Deir al-Zor, Which was injured in the Omer field by being hit by a thermal missile from a Daesh who had targeted his bulldozer, which caused severe injuries to his back and parts of his left shoulder.

The fighter “Esso” tells us of his injury, recalling:” We were in “Omer oilfield” and the point was completely exposed and it was necessary to establish soil berms to protect our newly liberated military position, and my previous knowledge driving by the bulldozer and work on it

, I volunteered to drive and fortify the military point. I was an exposed target for of Daesh who targeted me with a thermal missile that caused my back injury. I was immediately transferred to the military hospital in Amouda. After recovering from the woundsI was taken to the wounded house to complete my treatment until full recovery,

After recovering from the wounds, I was taken to the wounded house to complete my treatment until full recovery.

The fighter Aziz Esso ends his speech with words of strength and pride in what he has done to protect his comrades. He says: “I wish the speedy recovery of all our wounded, and my healing to return and complete what I have joined for him.

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