A flash about the life of a martyr

The sons of the North of Syria, their names written in the pages of history to remind them of future generations that they sacrificed themselves and participated in defeating the most dangerous terrorist organization.

Martyr “Khader Mohammed” orphan parents, one of the sons of Hasakah city, when the fighting began in the Syrian north belonged to SDF since the beginning of the declaration of its formation.

Mohammed received a military course at Academy of SDF on all types of light and medium weapons and received lessons about the policy of SDF.

Martyr Mohammed participated in many battles with SDF, where he participated in the battles of Hasakah and Shaddadi and its countryside, which martyred in the last shot in the chest on 2016/3/14.

His great sister tells us of his courage: “He was brave and always said,” I am proud of myself because I wear the special military clothes of SDF” He was always on the fronts and would like to stay there; he aspired to a homeland of freedom and democracy and Syria becomes a decentralized, decentralized state until it becomes a homogenous painting.”

At the end of her talk, she said:” I am proud to be the sister of the martyr, my brother sacrificed himself for his country and dreams and aspirations and raise my head by him”.

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