A Small Self-Help Efforts for Big Goals

In line with the work of the ” Cleanliness Project” and in its efforts and the potential available to it.

The reconstruction committee of Raqqa Civil Council manufactures a number of garbage containers “locally to keep the city clean and to prevent the spread of diseases that spread through the dumping of dirt in places other than the designated.

Abdullah al-Arian, “the head of the reconstruction committee of Raqqa Civil Council confirmed in a meeting with him.

That this project aims to preserve the cleanliness of the city after the successes achieved by the civil councils in the restoration of normal life of the city, and will be delivered to the municipality of the people in Raqqa, which will distribute these containers on all streets of Raqqa e city.

“al-Arian” noted, that the bulk of the containers have been received the estimated 320 containers and left only a small section to complete the project,

, Which was not limited to containers only, but also to the garbage carts and cleanliness supplies and equipment of all supplies for Raqqa city.

SDF ,Media Center


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