Al – Shaheed Gomaa Al – Nazzal Academy

Tabqa- Martyr “Jumah al-Nazzal” Academy in the village of Al-Garniya belonging to Tabqa, opens its training courses for fighters continuously, and duration of each course is 30 days, in which fighters receive military exercises and tactics and political and cultural lectures.

“Abdul Karim Hussein” fighter of Tabqa city in the academy of Martyr Jumaa Nazzal belonged SDF, and participated in campaigns, including the liberation campaign Tabqa and Raqqa, joined the training course to receive training and increase military knowledge.

“Abdul Karim Hussein” urged young people to join SDF and receive military exercises to participate in protection of the city and defeat terrorism.

 Ahmed Younis, a coach at the academy said, the fighters receive life lessons, political and cultural lectures, fighters interact with lessons and during political discussions, learn military tactics and combat plans.

SDF, Media Center


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