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Black Stadium: from torture cells to Sport gyms 

Raqqa – the black stadium, or the black prison, whose walls and inner corridors still witness to a black era passed by it, it is being rehabilitated today in an attempt to erase that name from it and to paint it with the colors of a new life.

 “Youth and Sports Committee” in Raqqa Civil Council is working to rehabilitate the black stadium to include the restoration of interior walls, and roofs covering most terraces, in addition to the processing of the playground, to be later equipped with artificial green grass.

After the completion of the external and internal maintenance of the stadium, all the internal halls will open for athletes to practice various sports, including boxing, judo, karate, in addition to lifting weights and iron games.

It is worth to mention that the black stadium was one of the largest prisons of Terrorist Daesh organization, which was practiced the most severe torture against civilians, using most of the sporting devices in it, but today it will return to the former working devices to build the human body not to destroy it.

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