commandos’ forces training at “Juma al nazal” Academy

Tabqa: In order to ensure the region security and stability, SDF continue to conduct military exercises for its fighters on an ongoing and permanent basis to maintain readiness and strengthen the capabilities of the fighters.

The training was conducted by the special force’s “commandos” at the martyr Jumaa al-Nazzal academy by live ammunition.

 The training was given by Trainer, “Rogge Ava Afrin”: “The course bears the name of Martyr Ali Raqqa,” 102 fighters were included in the course which was started one month ago, the fighters received street fighting exercises and how to deal with the situation they direct quickly and accurately, and they were given training at the highest levels, in addition to political and cultural lessons.

The fighter “Jano Kobani” is one of the fighters who receive training. he joined SDF in order to liberate the land and  people from injustice and to do my duty to protect them from terrorist organizations and others, And anyone who tries to encroach upon them and harm our dignity and sow discord among us, he said..

This course will be graduated two days later, after finishing all military training.

SDF . Media Center


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