Environmental awareness campaigns in Hasakah

Under the motto “Let us work together to live in a green and clean environment”, the Environment Directorate of the Municipalities and Environment Committee in Al Hasakah launched awareness campaigns for the preservation of the environment.

The Directorate launched a campaign by giving a lecture to the heads of comens in the southern township and environmental offices in the Municipalities of Hasakah province to spread the concept of environment and Take care of green areas, to raise the environmental awareness of the citizen and to create sound environmental behavior and stop the use of materials that harm the environment.

As well as to use natural resources in an optimal manner and to dissolve and consolidate the concept of conservation of the environment, as environmental awareness contributions in changing human behavior and directing it to positive in its transactions and contact with the environment to achieve the desired goal of protecting the nature from pollution.

Brochures were Distributed, It Urges attention to the environment, increase green areas and reserve trees, and continue the campaign in the cities of the province to reach the countryside.

SDF , Media Center


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