Fighter from my country

The sons of the North of Syria, with all its components, made precious and sacrificed their blood and souls to live in freedom and dignity and to get rid of black injustice, they had suffered during the terrorist campaigns carried out by the terrorist groups of various names, which caused their corruption, and destruction in their cities and imposed their ignorant laws and robbed them of their most precious possessions.

The fighter “Abdullah Al-Najem” from ”Khnez ” village north of Raqqa city 43-year-old joined the ranks of SDF on 5/6/2016 after the injustice and oppression that he and the people of his city have been by Deash.

”Abdullah” received military training on various types of weapons, and participated in the campaign of anger of the Euphrates until the completion of the process of liberating Raqqa and its countryside and disinfection it from the grip of Daesh.

Abdullah says: “The reason I join SDF is to lift the injustice, which is the only force capable of achieving the aspirations of the Syrian people.

Abdullah concluded his speech by saying: “It is a great honor for the participation of SDF in the battles to liberate the land and the people

SDF , Media Center


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