Graduation of a new training course in Hasakah

Hasakah – The Martyr Jinda Academy Hasakah graduated 56 fighters and female fighters in a course bearing the name of the martyr “Amira Kashi”, “, where they received political lectures on the security systems and ethics of fighters of SDF , for 90 days..

The ceremony began with a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs and was followed by a military parade by the fighters.

“Sakina jansz”, an official at the Jinda Academy, said: “The trainees received political lessons to build intellectual foundations and eliminate the negative old mentality built during the time of persecution.

The course was limited to political and intellectual lessons, according to Majid Murad, trainer at the academy, because of the fighters’ physical ability and knowledge of using weapons.

During the course, the fighters gained new ideas and information, as the trainee “Ibrahim Afar” said that they received new information and experiences that would benefit them in their civic and practical lives.

The graduation ceremony ended with the performance of the military oath and the cheers that glorify the martyrs.

SDF ,Media Center


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