Intellectual courses for female  teachers in Hasakah

Hasakah -Martyr Aziz Arab Academy in Hasakah city organizes intellectual, political and ideological courses for teachers and female teachers, the last of these courses for mothers, which is especially for female teachers who cannot leave their children and husbands and to enter into closed teachers’ courses. The course was attended by 300 female teachers who will undergo different lessons for 15 days.

The administrative at the academy, “Rihan Ahmed”, spoke about this course: Because of the apology of the married female teachers for joining the courses due to their family status, the Education Directorate in Hasakah decided to open courses for these female teachers, starting from 8 am to 12 noon.

On the lessons given, Rihan said: “These are intellectual and ideological lessons that deal with various issues such as the importance of training, the natural society, democratic values, women’s rights and duties, as well as the history of Syria and the Middle East, as well as teaching methods and rules of procedure in education and other lectures.

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