Homenews“Kreyn” water station out of the service

“Kreyn” water station out of the service

Tabqa – water shortage in the Euphrates river from Turkey has led to major problems that have negatively affected people life, in both Syria and Iraq.

One of these problems is that water pumps out of the service, such as the Kreyn pump located west of the city of Al-Tabqa, which has been out of service for more than a month, due to lack of water, causing suffering to more than 7000 inhabitants of the villages near the pump such as Kreyn, Abu Hurayrah and others.

The water shortage caused suffering for people and affected the fruit trees, especially the olive trees that were irrigated through the pump.

“Khadija Daoud”, the co-chair of Tabqa People’s Municipality, confirmed that the Directorate of Water in the municipality would process the water for the filtration wells in the pump and then they will run the pump to end the suffering of the people. And this will be done within the next few days.

SDF, Media Center


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