Olive cultivation “An increase in cultivated areas and difficulty in Discharge of crops”

Hasakah – Olive cultivation is one of the most important and oldest crops in the Syrian north. It is distinguished from the rest of the agricultural crops as it is cultivated in lands with small rocks, which are not suitable for strategic crops such as wheat and cotton.

It is estimated that the age after which the olive tree begins to give a crop by 5 years. During this period, the tree needs to be trimmed every year until it becomes more than 90 cm long.

Due to the state of dryness experienced in recent years and the fact that olive cultivation does not require large quantities of water, a large number of the people of Hasakah turned to this agriculture, and there are a number of farms for olive trees.

However, this agriculture still suffers from many difficulties, foremost of which is the absence of modern olive press, and the people are forced to transfer their crops to other cities such as Aleppo and they suffered from long distance and transportation costs.

As well as the lack of support of not receiving the crop and the lack of essential fertilizers and pesticides, in addition to the scarcity of good items, which were brought from Afrin and Idlib.

It is worth to mention that the olive picking season starts nearly in the middle of next month (October).

SDF , Media Center


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