HomenewsOpening A Training Course for Leaders in Deir AL-Zour

Opening A Training Course for Leaders in Deir AL-Zour

Deir AL-Zour – Military academies in the eastern region of Deir AL-Zour opened a training course to rehabilitate and strengthen the skills of leaders of SDF, including 200 leaders.

The fighters receive military training, political lectures and lessons on how to deal with fighters and civilians for 60 days.

The opening began with a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs, the leader of SDF, Numan, greeted the martyrs and fighter of SDF stationed on the fighting lines and said “The duty of our forces is to liberate civilians from the injustice of terrorism and to ensure security and stability in the north of Syria.

The opening ceremony ended with a military parade by SDF fighters and the performance of military oath.

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