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Opening of the Children’s Painting Exhibition in the Safe Childhood Center

As part of the efforts of the Future Makers Group (Safe Childhood Center) to give psychological support to children through teach them drawing and arts to express the sensations and feelings of the children, the plastic artist Ezz El-Din al-Nazal opens an exhibition for children’s drawings in the Safe Childhood Center in Mashlab neighborhood.

During this exhibition, the plastic artist “Izz al-Din al-Nazzal” confirmed that this program gives children psychological support in order to detect the psychological problems of the child through his drawings, and when identifying the problem in which the child can be addressed and improve the child’s behavior through the activities provided by supervisors of Psychological support of drawing, music and sport.

al-Nazal at the start of his talk about the exhibition said, “The psychological support team encourages children to to artistic creativity through the presentation of drawings presented with the help of some plastic artists, including the painter Ahmed al-jlud, who presented his drawings to the children and helped him teach them on drawing.

The child “Ahmed Mahmoud al-Aliwi” praised the role of the psychological support team to teach him drawing, which is the most important hobby and through which he can express what is going on in his thought of wishes.


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