Our forces (SDF) liberate dozens of families from the grip of the terrorist organization

Deir EZ-Zour -The battle of “defeat terrorism” launched by SDF to eliminate the last strongholds of Daesh organization in the eastern countryside of Deir EZ-Zour continues with all its strength on the central villages of Al-Bagouz al-Fawqani and al-Sousse.

As a result of Strong battles that the region witnessed, dozens of families were liberated from the villages of Al-Bagouz Al-Fawqani, Al-Shafa, Al-Soussah, Abu Khater and Abul Hassan.

“Hajin camp” which can accommodate thousands – was Prepared for emergency accommodation once they were out of the hands of Daesh, and provide medical and nutritional assistance for them

On her visit to the camp, the official spokesperson for the island’s storm campaign, Lailawa Al-Abdullah, appealed to civilians who are still stuck under the yoke of Terrorist organization for the departure of the terrorist organization places and leaving as soon as they can, and reassuring them that SDF are waiting for their exit to secure them.

Al-Abdullah called on humanitarian organizations to urgently help displaced people in the camp that was set up by SDF near Hajin, especially as the increasing number of displaced people towards liberated and safe areas.

SDF , Media Center


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