People’s Municipality begins Fencing street dividers project

 Hasakah – The Environment and Gardens Committee started to build a wall for street dividers in Hasakah city to protect the beauty and safety of the trees from sabotage and tampering street dividers such as cutting trees, damaging iron fence and cutting electric wires. And to prevent passing of streets dividers by motorists and exposure to accidents.

Fencing street dividers project began from Sinalco roundabout to the Sabbagh roundabout to protect the street dividers from destruction and to give the civilized character of the city, according to “Musa Najm” the Environment and Gardens Committee supervisor, after the completion of the project, it will paint the street dividers by bright colors that give aesthetic to these streets. In addition, these streets will be equipped with lights.

After completing this street,” Najm”said :that the street between “Sinalco Roundabout” and “fire station roundabout “will be fully equipped, such as the previous streets

Najam called at the end of his speech the necessity to maintain the safety of streets dividers and trees of vandalism.

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