HomenewsRehabilitation of Ayed Water Pump

Rehabilitation of Ayed Water Pump

Tabqa – within the group of people’s municipality works in Tabqa, to improve the quality of services provided to citizens, it is Seeking to make every effort to promote the city service reality to the fullest.

The municipality works to rehabilitate Ayed water pump in Tabqa, after having experienced some emergency breakdowns, which led to it out of service and workshops started maintenance in the water department to repair the pump faults from cables and electric parts that are installed. The pump provided with water the village of Ayed Kebir and Ayed Saqhir in addition to its direct support to the water network of Tabqa city.

“Mahmoud Hamada,” maintenance officer in the Water Department said: The pump has been broken down more than two weeks and got out of service, we started maintenance work in the pump, which is nearing completion.

“The biggest danger to the water pumps and the result of them out of service is the lack of water from Turkey, which causes the water level of the Euphrates dam Lake to fall, Crane’s water pump in Tabqa countryside has been out of service for this reason recently ” Hamada said.

SDF , Media Center


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