Rehabilitation of The Irrigation Channel in Al-Rahiyat Village

Raqqa – Raqqa civil council in cooperation with future makers team to respond to the urgent appeal of citizens to reactivate the irrigation channel in Al-Rahiyat.

“Kotaiba al-Mouh”, director of irrigation projects in future makers team, spoke that there was direct intervention to repair the canal with a length of 210 m at an elevation of 4 m and is considered one of the most important irrigation channels in the region.

“al-Mouh” added that they had drawn up the plan for the 20-day reform because this channel is watering about 3,000 dunums of agricultural land in al-Musheirfa and Al-Rahiyat villages.

Ahmad al-Muhammad thanked the farmers in the village at Raqqa Civil Council and the Future Makers team on their acceptance of their appeal to rehabilitate the irrigation canal because it is considered the nerve, it is the only one that depends on all the villagers to provide   their daily survival.

SDF  , Media Center


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