Safe Childhood Center organizes recreational activities for people with special needs

Tabqa – The Safe Childhood center has played an important role in the psychological rehabilitation of disabled children, in order to bring them back to their practical and professional lives, after the blackness of four years of injustice and oppression of terrorists in the region.

As part of a series of activities organized by the Safe Childhood Center in Tabqa city, the Center organized today the activity of the first of its kind in Tabqa city, where the center organized a recreational activity for children with special needs in the amusement park in the third neighborhood in Tabqa city.

The activity was attended by a number of sons of city, social figures and a number of members of the civil administrations in the city. The children started playing and practicing other activities lasting more than two hours. Where the joy currencies on the faces of the children participating this raised the joy of the audience and the community with the activities provided by the children reflect their abilities that led to overcoming their physical and psychological disabilities.

For this activity, the Director of the Safe Childhood Center, Abdul Khaliq al -Mazhul , said: “This day is special for children with special needs. They are now in the lap of nature and among the people in the center of the city in the park amusement.

and joy on the faces of handicapped children. This activity was part of our psychological and social program, which we offer for children of the entire Tabqa area with special needs.

At the end of activity , al -Mazhul noted that the aim of this program is to restore the Stolen Childhood and integrate them into society and provide them with the abilities, skills and abilities that will help them cope with society despite their disabilities.

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