Special units of  YPG  arrest a big leader of  Da,ash

The Media Center of the People’s Protection Units published a statement today,   in which it was announced that Through a successful operation the special units  arrested  the mercenary Adel Musa Abdel-Jazzar, known as Abu Karam, One of the big leaders in the ranks of Da,ash.

This is the text of the statement:

“Our fight against Da,ash as the most dangerous extremist organization that emerged in the history and became a epidemic on the people in the Middle East and the revolution of Roujava and northern Syria, the great victories will remain our fight is to protect the values and principles of our people and humanity, now Da,ash can not advance and the places that Da,ash seized by annihilation was liberated by Our troops today and we will advance by fight in order to get great victories.

On August 11 -2018, in a special operation, one of the prominent leaders  in the ranks of Dahesh known as Abu Karam and his real name Adel Musa Abdul-Jazzar was arrested (and recently his title is Abu Basal al-Ghazzawi) who had worked in intelligence in many cities including  albab, Hama, Aleppo, Idlib, Raqqa, Maydian, Tabqa and Daraa, Adel Musa Abdel-Jazzar reported a lot of valuable information about Da,ash organization  that is supported by the Turkish occupation state.

Adel Musa Abdel-Jazzar was arrested and he was alive. ”

As a result of a successful operation by the special units (Y.A.T.).

Media Center for People Protection Units



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