Tabqa Local Council organizes an intellectual seminar

Tabqa – Women are Basic component of society, they constitute half the society with men. Their role has been neglected during the control of terrorist organizations in the region. After the liberation of the region from terrorism, this role has taken its place to return as a teacher, doctor and engineer.

To activate this role, the local council in Tabqa city organized a seminar on co-existence between men and women. it began by a minute of silence on the souls of martyrs, and “Amira Hamo,” the joint president of the local council in the city spoke on women and how they were living their role and took power, such as Zenobia and Nefertiti.

At times, women have been undergoing to injustice and oppression, deprived of many works that they can do, and are now with men in all sectors of political, military and civil life.

Soad Rashou, a member of the Women’s Committee in Tabqa city, reviewed the Council’s work on the establishment of women’s councils in Tabqa city and its villages, such as villages of Kadiran, Salhabiya, Safsafa and Mansoura, and solved many problems of divorce and in heritage.

At the end of the seminar, Sumaya al-Thalaj, a member of the internal security forces in Tabqa, spoke about the security operation that they launched last week. Two Terrorist women were arrested and four women were carrying weapons on the wide street in Tabqa city and were handed over to the competent authorities.


SDF ,Media Center


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