Tabqa schools open to students

After the great efforts made by the Education Committee in Tabqa to start the educational process through the preparation of the educational staff through intensive courses for teachers had been opened immediately after the end of the previous school year, The Education Committee announces the actual opening of the students’ day

Where Tabqa schools opened its doors to its students and students from primary to high school, according to a member of the Education Committee in Tabqa, “Ahmed Abo”.

Who confirmed that “”We welcome the start of the new academic year, today, 16/9/2018. The schools of Tabqa city and its villages have been opened, among them (Al Qadisiya, Omar Al Mukhtar, Al Jahiz and several schools) in Tabqa. these Schools include primary, preparatory and secondary students and there are many students sitting on their desks today .

Al-Abbou pointed out that they directed the educational staff to be Committed to what they learned in the summer courses and the need to well deal with the students.

He called on parents to start sending their children to school, especially those who have children working in different jobs, and stressed that their rightful place behind the school seats.

SDF , Media Center


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