Tel Tamer Municipality is paving and renovating the roads of the region

Hasakah – The municipality of Tal Tamer started paving and renovating, the roads of the region according to the possibilities available.

The municipality of the region has recently started paving (asphalting) roads of region in addition to repair the damaged roads with 200 m3 out of 900 m3 of (asphalt) allocated for the municipality council for the repair and maintenance of roads in the region.

The joint chairman of the municipality of Tel Tamr, “Zainab Ayo,” that they plan to establish a road belt for the passage of large cars from outside the region for two reasons, the first to protect the people from any terrorist activities, and the other is to maintain the roads of rapid damaged.

Zainabp pointed out they also had a plan to repair three of the roads leading to the villages of the region using the remains. As well as within the plans of the municipality, restoration the of Huda and Tel-Hamam bridges, which were affected by the huge floods and torrential rains that swept the region during the last season.

It should be noted that despite the poor financial resources allocated to the municipality of Tel Tamur and lack of mechanisms, but it continues to serve the people of the region and provide all necessary to solve all their service problems.

SDF ,Media Center


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