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The Cleanliness project starts on the Euphrates Dam road

Tabqa- As part of a group of efforts aimed at improving the service reality in Tabqa city and its countryside, and to add a touch of beauty and life to the entrances of the city

The Cleanliness project started at the entrance of the Euphrates Dam and the entire dam road, in addition to clean the northern building of the Euphrates dam.

Where (together for al-Garnya) organization carried out this project the project manager, Yunus Mohammed, spoke to us about this project. At the request of the Euphrates Dam, we went from the early morning to the Euphrates dam road and immediately started cleaning work on the dam road and in the building of the northern dam.

Younis added saying: A number of workers and mechanisms such as bulldozers, tractors and dumps are involved in the project to clean up and transport dust and waste in the construction of the building the Northern Dam northern dam outside the city. This project will continue

for several days.

The overall aim of this project is to create an aesthetic touch in the vicinity of Tabqa city and to show the city with a civilized view that is consistent with the development witnessed in various fields of life.

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