The Education Committee announces its full readiness for the academic year

Raqqa – The education Committee at Raqqa Civil Council works with the start of the new school year to Provide school supplies and to avoid the shortage of seats, boards and educational equipment.

The head of the education committee at Raqqa Civil Council, “Ali Al Shanan”, confirmed that 281 schools have been rehabilitated and equipped, including 251 schools for basic education, 30 preparatory schools and schools distributed according to each region. Each school has a spokesperson to receive students and registration without any fees. The regular session will be started on 15/9/2018.

“al-Shanan” added that the teachers had undergone training courses and that the curriculum would be given to the students an educational curriculum approved by the Syrian Foreign Ministry. And that regions where there are no schools or completely destroyed, houses will be rented or Provided pre-fabricated schools in coordination with humanitarian organizations.

“al-Shanan” said “We are working to establish school health in coordination with Raqqa  Civil Council.

SDF ,Media Center


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