The life of the fighters in the Martyr Ilan Kobani Brigade

Raqqa – After the liberation Raqqa city, its young people joined SDF. The fighters are divided into groups where they received intellectual and organizational lessons, military exercises and combat tactics.

The fighters of SDF in the Martyr ALind Tal Hamis, the Martyr Dalil Aziz’s and the martyr Kahraman regiment in the Martyr Aylan Kubani Brigade in the city of Raqqa receive military training, combat tactics and intellectual and political lessons.

About the exercises and lessons, he has been receiving for 20 days Akid Qamishlou, one of the trainees in the Martyr’s regiment, “Daleel Aziz”, from the city of Qamishli: I joined SDF in 2015 and participated in all campaigns of SDF.  ” And after the liberation Raqqa City I joined the regiment Martyr “Dalil Aziz” in the Martyrs Brigade “Aylan Kubani “to gain more military experience and receive intellectual and political lessons.

He also spoke “Judy AL-deir” from Deir EZ-Zour saying

“I am a fighter in SDF ranks. I joined the regiment to protect my people and my city from any aggressor trying to plant terrorism in the city, after I receive military training and political lectures on the ethics of SDF, which I will take a weapon alongside my weapon. Where I fight.

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