HomemanshetThe outcome of combat operations for today

The outcome of combat operations for today

The battles and clashes between our forces and mercenaries (Daesh) continue in the framework of the battle to defeat terrorism, where yesterday witnessed violent clashes.
1. On the axis of Al-Bagouz Fawqani village, the mercenaries targeted the positions of our forces that had been liberated the previous day. The International Coalition carried out rocket attacks targeting mercenary artillery. The artillery of the Coalition also carried artillery shells at the positions of mercenaries. To destroy an armored military vehicle.
– During direct clashes on this axis, one of our fighters rose as a martyr.
– Yesterday evening, our forces carried out an attack on Al-Bagouz village and concentrated in 5 points, so that the fighting has moved into Al-Bagouz, and in these clashes one of our fighters was wounded.
2. On the axis of Sousse: military activities confined this axis to the mutual shelling of medium machine guns in the morning and afternoon hours, as our forces advanced and clashed with the mercenary face to face in the evening hours, resulting in the progress of our forces by 1 km, while the mercenaries returned the opposite attack, Car bomb and recovered the points that had been liberated by our forces, these

clashes continued at night and our forces were able to achieve progress again and the expulsion of mercenaries inside.
3. This day’s battles led to the destruction of a command post in the village of Al-Shafa, the bombing of the air force, the killing of two mercenaries, the killing of 13 mercenaries in the vicinity of Al-Bagouz and the destruction of an observation post on the perimeter of the village.
SDF.Media Center
14 September 2018

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