The outcome of combat operations in the “battle of defeat terrorism”

1- Al-Bagouz axis: Our forces advanced in this axis and were able to install a number of new points. Our forces also engage with the terrorists, attacking one of the points of concentration of our forces, and our fighters were able to repel the attack and respond in the wake, and the number of deaths in their ranks.
Terrorists lobbed mortar shells at our troops, combing the area liberated by our fighters, and our forces found a number of weapons and military equipment.
As a result of the engagements and battles fought by our fighters in the evening hours, they were able to advance a distance of 800 meters and install a number of points. All attempts by terrorists to attack these points failed, resulting in the death of several terrorists, the targeting of two car bombs and the destruction of tunnels used by terrorists.
Our fighters were able to advance another 600 meters and pick up a number of other points and seized a number of weapons and ammunition.
In the early hours of the morning, after heavy fighting by our fighters with terrorists, our forces liberated the village of Al-Shajla after many terrorists were killed and seized arms and ammunition.
Our forces immediately combed the village, and our engineering teams began to dismantle the mines planted by the terrorists.
2 – Hajin axis: Intermittent engagements and exchanges of heavy weapons, following the attempts of terrorists to launch surprise attacks, but our forces confronted them, while violent clashes took place this morning, lasted for several hours, killing a number of terrorists, coalition jets targeting terrorist positions at several points in this axis.
3 – the outcome of engagments and battles on all axes:
– jets strikes: 7
– Number of points installed: 19 points.
– Number of terrorist deaths: 21 terrorists.
– Terrorist losses: destruction of a tunnel and destruction of a mortar base and two car bombs.
– Weapons seized by our forces: 120 mm mortar (2) – 120mm mortar rounds (65) – RPG launcher. B. G-number (2) – Kalashnikov number 4 rifle – AB weapon. K. Si number (2) with a bag of ammunition rounds – R shells. B. G number (4).
– The number of martyrs of our fighters: 6 martyrs.
– Number of injured fighters: 8 wounded.
SDF. Media Center
25 September 2018

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