The outcome of combat operations in the battle of defeat terrorism

1-Al-Bagouz axis: Our forces clashed with mercenaries of (Daesh) and terrorizing the terrorist, amid remarkable progress of our forces inside the town and the control of many points of mercenaries and their fortifications.

In the midst of these clashes’ mercenaries relied on mines and booby traps to impede the advance of our forces, while their defense lines saw a collapse in front of the blows of our fighters, and the clashes moved to the center of the village.

Clashes continued since yesterday evening and until this morning, where our forces were able to establish 12 fixed points inside Al-Bagouz and immunization against mercenaries, and the artillery of the International Alliance played an important role in targeting the fortifications and destruction of mercenaries.

2-The axis of Sousse: Since yesterday evening, our forces began to move again to advance the town, and clashed with the mercenaries’ face to face, where the most violent clashes in which the mercenaries used explosive belts, where two suicide bombers themselves, resulting in the upgrade of 2 of our fighters’ martyrs and wounding others.

Later on, our forces completed their control of the course of the clash, advancing 2 km and liberating 11 points from the mercenary’s grip, while the intermittent artillery shelling continues on this axis.

3-Clashes between the two axes: since yesterday witnessed the death of 13 mercenaries and wounding a number we could not accurately determine, while dealing with engineering teams Sugar with 4 landmines and suicide bombers with two belts, while the International Alliance aircraft carried out 6 attacks on the movements of mercenaries, Fighters were killed and 3 wounded.

4-Humanitarian Situation: For the second day in a row, a number of displaced people who were able to secure their exit from the area of ​​engagement to the camp we set up in Al – Bahra village, where the teams began to receive them and provide shelter for them and provide the necessary urgent.

SDF Media Center

17 September 2018

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