The Outcome Of Military Operations In “The Battle Of Defeat Terrorism”

1-Al-Bagouz axis: Our forces advanced about 1 km and managed to install 10 new points after violent engagements with Daesh terrorists, killing a number of them.

Immediately, our competent engineering teams began combing the area and dismantling the mines planted by the terrorists in the area.

While the International coalition aircraft jets out several air strikes against the sites of terrorists, killing and wounding in their ranks.

2-Hajin axis: Violent engagements broke out between our fighters and terrorists, in which a number of terrorists were killed. Our fighters managed to reach 600 meters and install 9 new points.

Our military engineering teams combed the liberated area and dismantled a number of mines.

The coalition’s air force also destroyed a number of terrorist fortifications, in addition to the detonation of a number of car bombs prepared by terrorists to bomb our forces, and several terrorists were killed in air strikes.

3-Final Outcome of Battles and engagements

Points installed: / 19 / points

1) Number of terrorist deaths:/ 8 / terrorists

2)Air strikes: / 9 /

3)Number of mines that were detonated:/ 8 / Mines

4) Terrorist losses: 4 / car bombs destroyed – two sites where terrorists were holed up

SDF. Media Center

29 September 2018

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