The outcome of the combat operations of the battle to defeat terrorism

1 -Al-Bagouz Fawqani: The terrorist organization launched a counter-attack and regained some of the points that our forces had liberated in the previous two days. Yesterday, our forces retaliated and  achieved a one km advance and recovered the points that the terrorist organization had taken over. The liberation of nine mercenary positions was confirmed.

2-In this axis three  mines were exploded  one of the sweeping bulldozers of mines was damaged , as well as the second exploded causing   a damage to a Hummer car, while the third mine exploded when a soldiers transportation vehicle passed over it , due to that  Ten fighters of our  forces were injured, some of them critical.

On this axis, a field command of our forces confirmed the killing of 23 mercenaries, one of them shoting by sniper near Baguoz, while 20 mercenaries were killed near Baguoz in the afternoon and two others were killed in the evening.

. 2-Also in an axis on the front of the Baguoz, the terrorists launched a counter-attack, regaining some of the points that our forces had already liberated, while our forces retaliated and made a  one  kilometer advance and liberated seven points.

The total area that has been liberated  till now is 3  kilometers square

3 – Coalition forces participated actively in the combat operations yesterday, the aircraft targeted the movements of mercenaries, while the military bases carried out rocket attacks targeted mercenaries, while the artillery fired  on a fixed targets .

Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces

13 September 2018

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