Theatrical play For Children at “Safe Childhood” Center ” in Raqqa

The “Safe Childhood” Center honored many children as well as it showed recreational play in its center in Raqqa to provide psychological and moral support for children with special needs and literacy.

Because Raqqa children have lost their studies in the past, now the Safe Childhood Center is trying to draw smile on the faces of children. “Mohammed Al-Dakhil,” director of the “Safe Childhood” Center in Raqqa, spoke about the assistance they provide to disabled and illiterate children and to compensate children who have lost their studies.

Al-Dakhil pointed out that they provide psychological support and literacy classes for children. They target two age groups: literacy classes for children aged 12 to 18, children who find it is difficult to integrate into regular schools after losing their education in the previous period and we will compensate This aspect for them.

The second category is received disability children are aged from 6 years up to 12 years, included disability children of deaf, dumb, blind and people with motor disabilities.

Al-Dakhil concluded by saying: “The work of the Center focuses on two axes: the first is educational literacy, which is focused on activities, and the second is the psychological support center for dealing with the post-traumatic stress disorder that affected our children in the previous period of Daesh existence and the war that took place in Raqqa city.

SDF, Media Center


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