Training of Martyr  “Allend Tal Hamis Regiment”

Raqqa- After successive joining of the people of Raqqa city to the ranks of SDF in the belief of the cause of their people and the fulfillment of thousands of martyrs of various components of the Syrian people, SDF open new training courses in the regiments of Raqqa city with increasing numbers new fighters.

Allend Tal Hamis Regiment of the Martyr “Ilan Kubani” Brigade is one of the groups of SDF which continues to give political and cultural lessons to  new fighters in addition to train them on all kind of light and medium weapons.

Brosk Hamada, “a Trainer in the Martyr’s,” Allend Tal Hamis, Regiment “talked about the training received by the fighters.

He said that the 240 fighters were trained in a closed course for rehabilitation and that they were receiving political and cultural lessons on humanitarian principles and moral education as well as military exercises on various types of weapons. Light and medium during a period of 45 days.

Mohammed Ali al-Jassim, “one of the trainees who joined this training course after joining SDF, to train to use weapons to join the rest of the fighters on the fighting fronts against terrorism.

“Zagros Shahin” a fighter from Raqqa city said: I joined this course to participate in the liberation of the homeland from the terror of a Da.ash organization, and now I am doing military exercises and trains on  the correct methods  to use weapon.

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