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Training of the martyr Abdul Hakim Bakour Regiment

Tabqa –  SDF  formed military  Regiments  in Tabqa city  in the framework of defeating terrorism and providing support and reinforcement of its forces in the region, including the third regiment, which bore the name of the martyr “Abdel Halim Bakour”, one of Regiments that participated in the campaign of Raqqa and the storm of the island,  a regiment was founded a year ago and Graduated two training courses They carried the name of the martyr “Qandil Salhabiya” and the martyr “Fayyad Al Shibli” with 500 fighters.

The fighters were undergone to military training and applications, political lectures and educational lessons. the course is lasted for 45 days The Martyr Abdel Karim Bakour Regiment gave 50 martyrs and 40 wounded.

The fighters are fully prepared to participate in defeating terrorism and anyone who tries to tamper with the security and stability of the region, according to “Abu Ajaj” commander of “Abdul Hakim Bakur,” Regiment, and received political lessons and tactics in dealing with civilians during the fighting, training on various types of light and medium weapons.

“Hussein Sager” a fighter in regiment, a resident of Hittin village, north Raqqa city:

“I joined SDF to liberate the region and people from oppression, tyranny and terrorism that caused corruption, destruction and killing of innocent people and committed the worst crimes against humanity,”

Sajer confirmed on taking up arms to liberate the last inch of our land and rid it of the darkness that is prevailing over it, and liberating the remaining areas that are still under the control of Terrorist organizations.

SDF , Media Center


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