“Ulf Tau” .. Reviving language and preservation of Syriac culture of extinction

Hasakeh – Syriac are one of the oldest peoples that inhabited the geography of northern Syria along with other components.  It Has been deprived, like any other for four decades and a few of the rule of the Baath regime to be a cultural  and national component recognized officially within the Constitution of Syria with a unilateral nationalism Arabs, Kurds and Syrians.

As other national and religious components did not have the freedom to practice their Religious ritual and cultural customs, and to open their own centers and schools to teach their native languages, and folklore.

 after the declaration of democratic self-management throughout the cities and regions of northern Syria, all components have the right to enjoy their full linguistic and cultural rights and to live their own identity on the basis of participatory life and brotherhood of peoples.

The “Ulf Tao” Foundation for the Teaching the Syriac Language and Culture in Hasakah Province is an institution affiliated to the Directorate of Education in the province; it is concerned with the preparation of teachers to teach Syriac language academically.

The Foundation opened on September 19, 2017, and has received about 130 children; 70 children in the Ulf Tao Center and 60 children at the Qanshiran Center in Hasakah, in a summer course that began in June and continued until the end of August.

“Said Sophia Yousef, foundation Administrator “During the three-month summer course, the students received lessons in Syriac language and culture, courses in English and French, as well as recreational and art course in drawing and music.

“The main and most important role in supporting and establishing Olaf Tao, which is concerned with the support and preservation of the Syriac language and culture, from extinction comes from the Syriac Cultural Association, which was founded in 2008 in Qamisli and opened its branch in Hasakah in 2012.

About 20 teachers and administrators have graduated from the foundation by its two centers Since its opening; they have been distributed to schools with classes for Syrian students, in which Syrian students learn their mother tongue.

The Ornina Orchestra of Syriac Folk Dance and Singing is followed by The Foundation.

 Foundation is currently working through a team of teachers who have trained to develop full Syriac Curriculum which are officially taught in the province schools.

SDF, Media Center

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