“3000” car plate registered in Raqqa

Raqqa – In coordination with the Interior Committee and the Office of Affairs, the Transport Office in Raqqa was opened and a qualified cadre trained in the field of car registration was prepared by the Transportation Office in Raqqa.

The administrative in the transport office in Raqqa “Ismail Mohammed” talked about the purpose of the establishment of the Transport Office and mentioned that it is to protect citizens and ensure the ownership of the mechanisms in addition to organize traffic within the city.

“We started work on June 23, 2018. Our work is mainly based on two main committees: the automobile Inspection Committee and the Car Registration Committee, in addition to the coordination with the Customs Committee

The vehicle will be Inspected and all its technical information will be checked and then transferred to the registration committee after confirming the payment of customs duties in coordination with the customs office, to be Granted a digital board.

We have issued several circulars to review the owners of cars in order to organize the work and prepare tables containing the full information, and the number of cars registered to up / 3000 / and we are coordinating with the Traffic Department to follow up the situation of stolen or illegal vehicles.

We are now working on a plan of action that includes the regulation and registration of all motorcycles. “

SDF. Media Center


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