35 cases resolved by the ” Committee for Reconciliation and Social Justice” during one month

Hasakah – The Committee for Reconciliation and Social Justice of the Southern Region Department completes its work in solving different social issues such as real estate, inheritance, women, divorce and others.

The Joint Chairperson of the Committee for Reconciliation and Social Justice “Nerkis Abdul Aziz Ibrahim” talked about the mechanism of their work and confirmed receiving more than (35) call and issue during the past month, ranging between issues of women and divorce and problems and issues of real estate, which took the bulk of work during the month of September.

She explained that most of the resolved cases that they solved are real estate cases, which have increased significantly recently because of the manipulation of real estate offices in the prices of rent and expensive homes from time to time, and the short period of rent, which is limited to three months in the contract between the lessor and tenant, which leads to problems between lessors and Tenants.

“We focus on the need to determine a specific and unified rent if possible for real estate, and increase the contract period from three months to six months to alleviate this problem,” Nerkis Abdul Aziz Ibrahim “

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