(50) fighters join with the SDF

Ain-Issa – Academies of martyr (Fayyad al-Shibli) and martyr (Sariah Ronahi) graduated two courses (demining and sniper) the two courses bore the name of martyr (Mazloum Qamishlo) and the martyr (Hawzan Darbasiyya) on Wednesday at a military ceremony attended by leaders and fighters in SDF.

The graduation ceremony of 50 fighters of two course began by fighters’ performance the greet of martyrs.

The deputy commander-in-chief of the rebel army Ahmed al-Sultan (Abu Araj) delivered a speech in which he congratulated  graduating fighters and referred to the battle to defeat terrorism and the fundamental role played by SDF in eradicating the terrorists and persecuting those who remained. And its components. The fighters then performed the military Oath, the graduation ceremony concluded by distribution of military identities.

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